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Choose this option for foxes, wolves, servals (and other wildcats), sugar gliders (and other tree mammals), ferrets, skunks, raccoons, or similar creatures.

Are you ready to gain insight at a completely new level, and have a more harmonious relationship with your animal?

Exotic or wild animals have a very different way of thinking than a typical domesticated pet.  Understanding their needs and thought process can help immensely in making your life with them more harmonious.

Shirley will connect with you over the phone and help convey the images, feelings, and words that your animal wants to share with you.  Your animal does not need to be present for the consultation, but you can have them there with you if you so choose.

Just a few examples of what can be improved or addressed:
  • Correcting or understanding negative behaviors
  • Integrating new pets or new babies into the family unit
  • Helping rescues overcome trauma and trust issues
  • Finding out if your animal is in pain
  • And much more!

Make your appointment today and step into a new world of connection!